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2023: Year in Review

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Sandra Abone • 04/01/2024

As we bid farewell to 2023 and step into the new year, there’s no better time to reflect on the incredible journey AutomatePro embarked on last year. From events and webinars to strategic partnerships and exceeding customer expectations, 2023 was a trailblazing year and one for the books! Here’s everything the AutomatePro Team got up to…

Knowledge 2023

The year kicked off with a bang, as the AutomatePro Team attended ServiceNow’s flagship event – Knowledge. The ultimate stadium for the ServiceNow community to congregate and accelerate their digital transformation journey. It’s undeniable that AutomatePro made a lasting impression and sparked the industry’s curiosity about our world-leading Test Automation and DevOps proposition.

AutomatePro attends Knowledge 2023

Next stop, Testing, Agile, DevOps and Low Code Showcase

From Vegas to London. Later that month, AutomatePro had the pleasure of being a Gold Sponsor at the exclusive and intimate event. Designed for innovative thinkers to share strategies on adopting new transformative automation tools that can boost organisational outcomes.

Welcoming new team members 

An unforgettable part of 2023 was growing our team! From expanding the Marketing team to growing the Sales division and strengthening Operations. Notably, our Leadership Team was strengthened with the appointment of Chris Dauw as Chief Product and Revenue Officer. Dauw is responsible for driving product innovation and revenue growth across the company.

ServiceNow partner solutions

2023 also saw our relationship with ServiceNow grow. We were promoted to an Advanced Platform Partner, which recognised AutomatePro’s commitment to delivering the highest standards and fulfilling ServiceNow’s 3Cs of Competency, Capability and Customer Success.

One of our stand-out moments from our Partnership with ServiceNow was collaborating on our joint ‘Better Together’ video. The video amplifies how AutomatePro accelerates platform adoption and digital transformation.

ServiceNow World Forums 

Dallas, London and New York! AutomatePro had the pleasure of sponsoring three of ServiceNow’s highly anticipated World Forums. The World Forums were invaluable and enlightening. A key takeaway was that although ServiceNow is embracing more technological advancements like GenAI, it’s paramount that users master the fundamentals first. Prioritise stabilising their ServiceNow instance and ensuring it is effectively managed by automation tools.

AutomatePro at ServiceNow World Forums

ServiceNow Global Partner Summit 

AutomatePro received an exclusive invitation from ServiceNow to sponsor their first Global Partner Summit in Goa, India. The summit was an incredible opportunity to connect, share ideas and drive innovation within ServiceNow’s ecosystem. Our Chief Product Officer, Chris Dauw, delivered a stellar presentation on the value of Test Automation and DevOps for ServiceNow. Leaving the industry hungry to experience first-hand the benefits our solutions provide.

AutomatePro Sponsors SerivceNow's Global Partner Summit

Paul’s Keynote at TestCon Europe 

In October, our CEO and Co-Founder, Paul Chorley, jetted off to Lithuania to attend TestCon, Europe’s biggest software testing and QA conference. Chorley presented a game-changing keynote speech summarising the 7 common pitfalls of test automation and how to avoid them.

Cloud Vendor of the Year finalist

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the cloud has become the linchpin of innovation and efficiency for businesses worldwide. Embracing the cloud’s transformative power, AutomatePro was selected as a finalist for the prestigious Cloud Vendor of the Year award at the 2023 Cloud Excellence Awards. The recognition underscores AutomatePro’s exceptional contributions to the cloud industry through its patented DevOps and Automated Testing solutions for ServiceNow®.

AutomatePro at the Cloud Vendor of the Year Awards

Thirdera Webinars

In 2023, we sought out new strategic partnerships with fellow industry leaders to create synergies that would pay dividends to our customers and the industry at large. Our partnership with Thirdera was crafted to accelerate ServiceNow testing and upgrades and, in turn, help customers achieve faster time-to-market and smoother deployments.

AutomatePro and Thirdera

Our partnership launched a series of joint webinars, on all things Test Automation. The webinars garnered huge popularity and were a massive success. Each webinar focused on a hot topic, from ServiceNow automated testing best practices to how to master upgrades in customised ServiceNow environments.

Product innovation

Throughout the year, we prioritised enhancing our intelligent Test Automation and DevOps platform. By redesigning our user interface to improve the customer experience, provide a more robust offering and cement our position as the leading tool in the industry.

AutomatePro State Plan Editor

Alongside our UI refresh, we updated the AutomatePro page on the ServiceNow App store and released revolutionary new features and enhancements. From our new Visual State Plan Editor, which drastically improves workflow efficiency, to our Test Run Comparisons, which instantly identifies changes between tests without generating lengthy reports. These advancements boosted user satisfaction and reinforced our dedication to innovation.

We continued our commitment to you, our customers

Our commitment to client satisfaction was cemented as a top priority throughout last year and became the driving force behind the company’s success. We achieved a remarkable NPS score of 83, which surpassed the industry average and attained the coveted spot of featuring in the top 3 on ServiceNow’s App Store. Both accomplishments are a testament to our ethos of delivering excellence and exceptional value.

Our customer-centric approach fostered strong and lasting relationships, resulting in phenomenal customer advocacy. One of our favourites is from a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical company that shared, “We had our most successful ServiceNow upgrade ever over the weekend… I think we can call this one Brilliant”.

AutomatePro honoured as Thirdera’s Partner of the Year 2023 

We are delighted that AutomatePro was named Thirdera’s Partner of the Year for 2023! Our partnership is fuelled by a shared commitment to pushing innovation and delivering incredible value on ServiceNow. Since the announcement of our strategic partnership at Knowledge 2023, we have collaborated to transform ServiceNow delivery methodologies and unlock significant testing efficiencies and productivity. We extend our sincere thanks to Thirdera for this incredible honour and look forward to another year of partnership.

AutomatePro, Thirdera's Partner of the Year

2023 was a stellar year for AutomatePro, marked by groundbreaking achievements, strategic advancements, and a relentless commitment to our customers. But as we progress into this new year, high benchmarks, ambitious milestones and strategic objectives have been set. We are excited about what 2024 has in store!


Sandra Abone • 04/01/2024

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