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AutomatePro attends ServiceNow’s World Forums 2023

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Chris Dauw • 27/11/2023

Dallas, London and New York. 3 destinations in 3 weeks! Over the last month, AutomatePro has had the pleasure of sponsoring 3 of ServiceNow’s highly anticipated World Forums. ServiceNow customers, partners and experts from across the globe congregated for the unique opportunity to share ideas and stay up-to-date on emerging industry trends and challenges. For AutomatePro, the World Forums were invaluable and enlightening. Here’s a summary of our key takeaways and learnings.

The power of in-person interactions 

With digital transformation at the forefront of ServiceNow’s ecosystem, the landscape is rapidly evolving. Customers’ expectations are shifting, and partners are scurrying to understand and find solutions to satisfy a new set of needs and pain points. Let’s be honest, virtual communication platforms are no match for in-person events. Face-to-face interactions make it easier to connect, listen and share ideas. The deepest customer insights and greatest innovations are derived from events like the World Forums.

Our standout moments were meeting our incredible customers and hearing first-hand how our Test Automation and DevOps tools have helped them increase internal effectiveness and realise the full potential of their ServiceNow investments.

AutomatePro attends ServiceNow World Forums

ServiceNow doubles down on Generative Artificial Intelligence 

Across three cities, and roughly 4,500 attendees, there was a buzzword that could not be missed. GenAI! The topic of Generative Artificial Intelligence is popping up everywhere, and the promises of its value is generating excitement in and outside the industry. ServiceNow isn’t waiting on the sidelines; they are honing in on the technology to supplement their existing AI stack and to accelerate customer productivity, increase agility and drive value. At AutomatePro, we are enthusiastic about ServiceNow’s move toward GenAI, especially as it aligns with our goals to integrate it more into our Test Automation and DevOps solutions.

Generative AI on the ServiceNow platform

Back to the basics

Although there was a lot of discourse around GenAI, surprisingly, a common pain point echoed by most customers is that the ServiceNow upgrade pain has not gone away. Customers are still grappling with the arduous upgrade process and investing months’ worth of time and resources just to stay up-to-date with the latest release. Leaving no room to implement new modules or features. So, although we encourage the embrace of technological advancements like GenAI, it’s paramount that ServiceNow users master the fundamentals first. GenAI will make managing ServiceNow more complicated. Thus, customers must prioritise stabilising their ServiceNow instance and ensuring it is effectively managed using automation tools.

The World Forums are a great platform to boost exposure and tap into new markets. For AutomatePro, it was an incredible opportunity to increase awareness about our ability to shorten delivery roadmaps and support complex customised ServiceNow instances.

AutomatePro attends ServiceNow World Forums

What’s next for AutomatePro?

As a ServiceNow Build partner, we are dedicated to helping customers across the globe accelerate their ServiceNow testing and upgrades with Intelligent Test Automation, DevOps and Documentation. So they can reduce risk, increase productivity and get the most out of their ServiceNow investment.

Chris Dauw • 27/11/2023

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