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Your AutomatePro questions answered

What are the main differences between AutomatePro and ATF?

There are many more differences which we would be delighted to explain and show to you in person.  Here are just a few of the key differences:

  • The ability to test systems other than ServiceNow, including Workday, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and bespoke websites.
  • Test integrations with other systems.
  • True UI testing exactly as the user will use the system.
  • Whole life-cycle automation, not just test automation.
  • Model blocks to reduce test maintenance overhead and speed up test creation.
  • Automated documentation (e.g. user guides and design specifications.)

As well as much, much more. You can find out more information about each of our products’ specific features on our Platform Modules page.


What happens if ServiceNow changes the user interface – will our tests break?

As a Specialist Partner of ServiceNow, AutomatePro get advance access to the next version of ServiceNow. We fully test our products to ensure they work with the next version of ServiceNow, well ahead of full general availability.

Automated testing solutions based on click-and-record are often affected by upgrades because they create ‘brittle’ tests. AutomatePro creates robust test scenarios built by world class experts in automated testing techniques that are unaffected by ServiceNow changing the user interface.

For assistance with upgrading ServiceNow, be sure to visit our How to Upgrade ServiceNow guide.


How quickly can we create tests?

Within 10 seconds of installing AutomatePro you can create and run your first automated test.  Our Quickstart AI feature automatically creates a test scenario based on your configuration of ServiceNow.  This is not a template that you need to configure to match your configuration.  We believe this is a better approach than providing template tests that you then need to amend to match your configuration of ServiceNow.


How do I keep my tests updated when I make changes to our configuration or workflows?

AutomatePro overcomes the problem of test maintenance through the use of what we call ‘model blocks’.  These are re-usable blocks of tests that can be used over and over again in different test scenarios.  If you change your configuration, you change the relevant model blocks, and the change is cascaded through all tests that use that model block.


How does AutomatePro help with ServiceNow upgrades?

ServiceNow upgrades become quick and easy with AutomatePro.  We’ve helped customers reduce their upgrade time-frames from months to days. Your regression tests can be run against an upgraded instance of ServiceNow and within minutes a dashboard report is produced showing you exactly what the risk of the upgrade is to your business.  You can then decide to proceed or not based on the report.


How does AutomatePro help with Compliance?

AutomatePro makes audits and compliance much more straightforward.  Full auditability is built into the system with all requirements traceable to development tasks, then to tests and then to user documentation.  The AutoMonitor module can be used to automatically carry out risk, compliance or security checks on a regular basis and can even update the GRC module with the results.


What documentation does AutomatePro create?

AutomatePro creates documentation to support all stages of the life-cycle such as requirements capture, process specifications, development plans, test plans and execution reports, user guides, process and procedures etc.

Find out more about how AutoDoc can automate your ServiceNow documentation.


What are the main benefits of test automation?

  • Reduces manual testing resources.
  • Frees up testers to invest in more exploratory testing.
  • It increases testing speeds.
  • Ensures tests are run accurately and consistently, improving the quality of releases for end users.
  • Automatic report generation.
  • Automatic defect creation.


Is test automation more complicated than manual testing?

AutomatePro is a cutting edge code-free tool that puts business scenarios at the centre of everything. Any user can set up, modify and run tests, reducing the complexity and ongoing maintenance issues associated with other more complicated tools and removing the single point of failure dependencies on developers and testers.


What level of support do you offer?

Our expert and friendly support team is on hand to provide you with the support you need.  We are delighted when customers give us feedback on our solution and suggest improvements which we can consider for future releases. We prefer to work in partnership with our customers rather than be a supplier.


Are any scripting skills required to use AutomatePro?

None at all. We have aimed this tool at business/non-technical users and pride ourselves on having a fully script-less interface.

Some other automated testing solutions purport to be script-less, e.g. recording mouse clicks and keystrokes, but these are just a quick way of creating a script which you then have to go and manually amend (which is error prone and requires scripting knowledge etc.)


Which browsers can it test against?

Currently we support Chrome, Edge and Firefox. We are seeking to expand this in the future and if there is a particular requirement to support a browser we can look into this on a case by case basis.


Do we need to have Selenium?

No. The execution of your tests is carried out by our Automation Core Engine which incorporates the Selenium libraries.


What is the Automation Core Engine?

The Automation Core Engine is the part of AutomatePro which we host for you.  It is available 24-7/365 days a year and it’s always ready to execute your tests for you.  It is secure, scalable and robust, so that you can run multiple tests in parallel at any time of the day or night – scheduled or on demand.


Can the AutomatePro server be hosted in the same country as us?

Yes – AutomatePro can locate the server in your geographic region providing this is offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Can AutomatePro help us build the test/business scenarios?

Absolutely. We love helping customers refine their approach to testing and writing business scenarios which ensure the quality of the system for end users.


Do we need to leave a PC unlocked to run overnight scheduled tests of the user interface?

Absolutely not. AutomatePro tests are run securely on your own dedicated Automation Core Engine. Leaving a laptop or PC unlocked overnight would in our view represent a major security risk.