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AutomatePro Overview Enterprise Test Automation for Cloud Platforms

Run end-to-end test scenarios and automate regression testing of customisations before deployment across several different technologies and cloud or web-based platforms (including Salesforce, Oracle Cloud, SAP, SuccessFactors, ServiceNow)

values AutomatePro v6.0

The latest updates to the AutomatePro platform aim to improve useability, save time and accelerate delivery through improved dashboard features that give you control on views and help manage reporting.

Enjoy ServiceNow, not later

AutomatePro is the DevOps and automated testing solution that’s here to speed up your software delivery life-cycle.

Automate your way to success with AutomatePro

Improve the quality of your service and increase control of multi-stream development.

AutomatePro Overview AutomatePro v5.4.0

Bigger and Better and now available on the ServiceNow AppStore.

AutomatePro v.5.3.3

Explore and enhance the new features with v.5.3.3.

AutomatePro v5.3.2

Enjoy new features with AutomatePros new release 5.3.2.

AutomatePro v5.3.0

Excited to announce the new release of our software suite, packed with new features.

Citizen Development Whitepaper

How to Govern Citizen Development in ServiceNow quickly and effectively.

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