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Case Study

Automate your way to success with AutomatePro

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tdbdev • 27/07/2020

Improve the quality of your service and increase control of multi-stream development.

Why AutomatePro?

AutomatePro is so much more than just an automated testing tool. It is a collaborative development environment that automates and speeds up every stage of the software delivery life-cycle, from requirements and design specifications through to implementation. Reduce your costs and exposure to change risk. By increasing your control of multi-stream development it will improve quality. It even automatically produces release notes and a fully updated user guide.


In Brief

  • Enable DevOps across all Cloud platforms
  • Reduce platform costs and lower risk of change
  • Enable ‘shift-left’ testing with Test Driven Development
  • Maximize your ROI on the ServiceNow platform

Why DevOps & Test Automation?

  • Do more with less
  • Reduce the reliance on scarce and high cost ServiceNow® resource
  • Reduce upgrade and platform risk
  • Keep on the latest version of ServiceNow, taking full advantage of the latest features
  • Instantly produce system documentation for sustainability, auditability, maintenance and training
  • Instantly produce user documentation. Delight internal and customer users with the highest quality user experience
“Instead of taking 10 people to test the system it now takes one... just to trigger the tests.”
James Bird - DG ServiceNow Product Owner

Whole Life-cycle Automation

  • Automate not just the testing phase, but the full life-cycle
  • Enables true Agile DevOps
  • Continuous Testing brings with it risk-free, rapid and frequent delivery
  • Improves efficiency across the Agile team
  • Automatically documents Business Process and captures new requirements
  • Alerts developers immediately if Continuous Integration tests fail
  • ‘Shift-left’ testing with Test Driven Development
  • Automatically create Design and Acceptance Documents
  • Automatically create User Guides and Training Manuals
  • No-code/Low-code approach negates need for scarce and expensive technical resources

tdbdev • 27/07/2020

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