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Case Study

Tailored Capabilities Propel Netcloud’s Testing Success Through AutomatePro

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sandra-abone • 22/02/2024

Outcome Highlights

  • Streamlined upgrades

Prior to AutomatePro, upgrades and patching were manual and time-consuming processes. Now, by automating the testing process, NetCloud is saving precious resources.

  • Enhanced productivity

Replacing archaic manual processes with automation provided tailored solutions and delivered a more streamlined and productive approach to keeping their system up-to-date.

  • Cost-effective integration ​

AutomatePro seamlessly integrates into Netcloud’s existing platform without additional operational costs.

The Need

NetCloud, the leading ICT service provider in Switzerland, specialising in managing IT infrastructures and network security, was operating with a relatively small ServiceNow team. Having to navigate a complex, highly configured ServiceNow implementation, which, coupled with their reliance on manual testing, strained their resources. Trying to juggle executing tasks and meeting deadlines meant upholding high test quality became a challenge. In response, Netcloud embarked on a quest for an Automated Testing tool that would transform their testing lifecycle. The objective was to alleviate their resource burdens and guarantee a standard of precision and repeatability that manual testing struggles deliver.

The Solution

Netcloud set out to implement test automation for their ServiceNow platform. While initially considering ServiceNow’s Automated Test Framework (ATF), they encountered significant challenges during its implementation. Crafting a robust ATF and building a comprehensive regression demanded a challenging understanding of ServiceNow’s intricacies and posed challenges in aligning ATF with their unique needs.

Recognising the need for a more tailored solution, Netcloud turned to AutomatePro. AutomatePro stood out due to its seamless integration into the ServiceNow platform. Also, unlike ATF, AutomatePro’s tailored capabilities precisely addressed Netcloud’s needs, enhancing their testing efficiency and delivering streamlined end-to-end business process testing. Through AutomatePro’s revolutionary features, Netcloud now rapidly creates and easily maintains tests.

"AutomatePro not only automated testing but also contributed to enhanced productivity during patches and upgrades”.
Simon Bachmann, ServiceNow System Engineer

Firstly, Quickstart AI facilitated the rapid creation of tests, with over 90% adherence to Netcloud’s unique business processes and rules. Notably, it included extensive form validations, negative testing, and examination of hidden tabs, significantly boosting test confidence.

Automation Rot is a common maintenance struggle caused by code-heavy Test Automation tools. However, AutomatePro’s Model Blocks mitigated this issue by grouping test steps into reusable blocks and automatically propagating test step changes and updates across shared processes.

AutomatePro’s ability to optimise NetCloud’s workflow enhanced their productivity and quality assurance effort, in turn cementing AutomatePro as an indispensable asset in Netcloud’s testing toolkit.

"Unlike ATF, AutomatePro's capabilities were much more aligned with our specific needs".
Simon Bachmann, ServiceNow System Engineer

The Results

With AutomatePro’s help, testing for patches and ServiceNow upgrades became intuitive and straightforward. Scheduled nightly regression tests were crucial in examining system functionalities and promptly addressing anomalies. AutomatePro’s versatility extended to automatically generating comprehensive documentation, including Test Reports and User Guides. Automated documentation not only saved valuable time but also fostered a culture of knowledge sharing. Notably, With a simple button press, documentation could be instantly refreshed to reflect the latest changes, ensuring accuracy and relevance while mitigating the risk of documentation rot.

Interested to know more? Book a demo with one of our product specialists to see how AutomatePro can help you speed up ServiceNow platform upgrades.

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sandra-abone • 22/02/2024

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Interested to know more? Book a demo with one of our product specialists to see how AutomatePro can help you speed up ServiceNow platform upgrades.

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