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From testing ground to success story: building a robust ServiceNow foundation

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Sandra Abone • 02/07/2024

For many of us, ServiceNow is the cornerstone of our business-critical processes, and developing a robust foundation is essential for achieving unparalleled success on the NOW platform. This is particularly true for a high-profile Singaporean government client, who sought out our expertise to implement a transformative, data-driven testing strategy that would ensure scalability, seamless integration, and a user-friendly experience. 

This Singaporean government body, launched a country-wide initiative to catapult Singapore’s digital future, and position themselves as the epicentre of global business opportunities over the next 1520 years. A project of this magnitude is no easy feat, so ServiceNow was enlisted to help manage the projects workflows to deliver a more efficient way of working. The project marked ServiceNow’s inaugural collaboration with the esteemed Singaporean government body, presenting a unique opportunity for ServiceNow to expand into a new, uncharted market.

Growing business opportunities in Singapore

Tackling challenges head-on 

As part of the project, ServiceNow assembled a team of implementation partners to centralise the Singaporean government body’s operations onto the NOW Platform. It was essential that legacy systems were migrated to ensure that all personnel were working on the same UI and data architecture to maximise efficiency gains. However, early on, the partners realised that three significant roadblocks were hindering their progress. 

  • Unscalable approach to testing: the reliance on siloed tools and processes to test an overwhelming number of scenarios led to lengthy workflows. 
  • Delayed delivery timelines: insufficient manual processes riddled the entire project, which was exasperated by the lack of reusable test blocks, which spiked human error and resulted in more defects. 
  • Costly documentation process: creating and maintaining accurate and up-to-date documentation to adhere to stringent regulations was challenging and time-consuming due to the lack of automation. 

Turning the tide

Recognising the need for a solution, ServiceNow turned to AutomatePro. Here are the key areas we’re focused on… 

AutomatePro's Test Automation and DevOps Solution Suite

Delivering end-to-end regression testing: we’ve replaced legacy manual testing processes with our no-code test solution, to reduces the time and effort it takes create and execute tests. 

Achieving data-driven testing: Our configurable centralised control console provides up-to-date and accurate test run and suite results, simplifying the process of analysing regression results and performances across all ServiceNow instances. 

Generating up-to-date documentation: Automating the creation and maintenance of documents throughout the DevOps lifecycle is paramount especially for our client working in the highly regulated government sector. Now, with a single click, the client can produce user guides with embedded screenshots and knowledge-based articles, ensuring consistent information is circulated across teams. 

 Running faster and more efficiently 

 The results of this effort are a truly impressive feat – including:   

  • 95% time reduction and 100% test coverage across 130,000 test steps 
  • 14,000 reusable test blocks and 2,800 test scenarios 
  • Faster sign-offs  
  • Happy Test Automation Engineer – less time spent on mundane, repetitive tasks and more time spent on new value-adding projects. 

Running faster and more efficiently

This success story exemplifies how a strategic approach to testing can drive remarkable results. Our client is now well-equipped to continue their growth trajectory, and their Test Engineers have more time to focus on what truly matters. We are excited to see what they accomplish next. If you’re interested in learning how we can help your business achieve similar success, book a meeting with one of our solutions experts.

Sandra Abone • 02/07/2024

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