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AutomatePro selected as a finalist for Cloud Vendor of the Year

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PaulC • 26/09/2023

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the cloud has become the linchpin of innovation and efficiency for businesses worldwide. Embracing the cloud’s transformative power, AutomatePro has emerged as a finalist for the prestigious Cloud Vendor of the Year award at the 2023 Cloud Excellence Awards. This recognition underscores AutomatePro’s exceptional contributions to the cloud industry through its patented DevOps and Automated Testing solutions for ServiceNow®. These awards acknowledge not only the most innovative and compelling products and vendors but also highlights exceptional use cases from the customers themselves 

AutomatePro Cloud Vendor of the Year Finalist 2023

The cloud is not just a buzzword; it’s a transformative force that empowers organisations to respond rapidly to changing market conditions, experiment with new ideas, and optimise IT infrastructure. Whether it’s setting up new platforms, enhancing scalability, or offloading the management of certain IT components, the cloud provides unprecedented opportunities for efficiency and agility. 

Redefining Efficiency in ServiceNow® Upgrades 

AutomatePro stands out in the cloud industry by offering a groundbreaking approach to DevOps and Automated Testing, specifically designed to streamline the implementation of ServiceNow® upgrades.

“One of the most enticing aspects of AutomatePro was its ability to streamline ServiceNow upgrades - an area of paramount importance for the business".
ServiceNow Senior Software Engineer

One of the primary advantages that our customers find with AutomatePro is cost reduction. By automating critical processes, businesses can significantly lower their operational expenses. Moreover, AutomatePro enhances control over multi-stream development, ultimately improving the quality of cloud applications. The platform’s automation capabilities extend to producing release notes and maintaining an up-to-date user guide, reducing exposure to change risk.

“Implementing AutomatePro is saving us time and money, helps us maintain compliance, and provides better outcomes“.
Director, DCM, ServiceNow Capability

2023 Cloud Excellence Awards

AutomatePro’s Path to Excellence 

One of AutomatePro’s standout features is its ability to simplify and accelerate regression testing during ServiceNow upgrades. With just one click, users can initiate comprehensive regression testing, ensuring that their cloud-based applications continue to operate flawlessly after updates.  

Additionally, AutomatePro takes the complexity out of requirements capture by enabling you to quickly define User Stories in a structured format. These user stories seamlessly transform into automated test scenarios, eliminating the need for additional manual effort. The result is a more efficient and error-free testing process.  

Beyond its prowess in automated testing, AutomatePro offers a game-changing approach to documentation by automatically generating requirements and acceptance documents as knowledge articles or PDFs, facilitating swift sign-off by process owners. This not only saves time but also enhances documentation accuracy and completeness. 

Beyond Automated Testing 

AutomatePro is more than just an automated testing tool; it’s a comprehensive, collaborative development environment that accelerates every phase of the software delivery life cycle. AutomatePro takes pride in being the only solution on the market purpose-built for Test Automation and DevOps on the ServiceNow platform. While other test automation solutions are often compartmentalized within QA teams, individual business units, or centers of excellence, AutomatePro seamlessly integrates within ServiceNow, the heart of the digital enterprise.

"Various features in the AutoTest module show a deep understanding of what automated testing should be like, as they can capture the desires of their users before they even ask."
Rajbir D, Co-operators

The Cloud Excellence Awards serve as a testament to the significance of the cloud in today’s business landscape and the dedication of cloud vendors to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. As AutomatePro stands shoulder to shoulder with other industry leaders at this prestigious event, exemplifying the spirit of innovation and excellence that drives the cloud industry forward. This remarkable year has also seen us secure vital strategic partnerships with renowned organisations, underscoring the trust and confidence these industry leaders place in AutomatePro’s cloud solutions. Our journey is not just a testament to the success of our company but also the success of our customers, who inspire us to continue our mission of redefining the automation space. 

2023 Cloud Excellence Awards

PaulC • 26/09/2023

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