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A Year of Achievements at AutomatePro

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Chris Dauw • 14/05/2024

How time flies! It’s been almost a year since I joined the AutomatePro team as Chief Revenue Officer. This year has been a remarkable journey and a trailblazing year for AutomatePro. Together, we’ve carved a path of excellence, achieved unforgettable milestones and forged invaluable partnerships. Here are some of my favourite moments…

Partner of the Year Awards

Winning Partner of the Year, not just once but twice! AutomatePro was selected as ServiceNow’s Store Partner of the Year – EMEA and crowned Thirdera’s Partner of the Year for 2023. These accolades reaffirm and celebrate our dedication to driving testing and upgrade efficiencies whilst reducing cost and upholding quality on the Now Platform.

AutomatePro partner of the year awards

Forging New Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Thirdera, Accenture, Deloitte, and EY have opened new avenues for collaboration and innovation. As we continue to expand globally, these partnerships will play a pivotal role in transforming delivery methodologies and driving positive outcomes for our customers and the industry at large.

AutomatePro and Thirdera teams

AutomatePro Earns Double Recognition

Attaining a coveted G2 badge is a highly sought-after achievement that represents customers’ trust and satisfaction. For the second consecutive cycle, AutomatePro was recognized as a ‘High Performer’ and ‘Easiest To Do Business With’ in the Automation Testing category. These accolades reaffirm our dedication to exceeding customer expectations and pushing the boundaries.

AutomatePro earns double G2 recognition

Cloud Vendor of the Year Finalist

In an era where the cloud has become the epicentre of innovation and efficiency for businesses worldwide, AutomatePro was shortlisted as a finalist for not just one but three of the prestigious Cloud DevOps Excellence Awards 2024. This recognition underscores AutomatePro’s exceptional contributions to the cloud industry through its patented DevOps and Automated Testing solutions for ServiceNow®.

AutomatePro Sponsors SerivceNow's Global Partner Summit

ServiceNow Global Partner Summit

AutomatePro received an exclusive invitation from ServiceNow to sponsor their first Global Partner Summit in Goa, India. The summit was an incredible opportunity to connect, foster collaboration and inspire innovation within ServiceNow’s ecosystem. I had the honour of delivering a highly anticipated presentation on the value of Test Automation and DevOps for ServiceNow.

AutomatePro at ServiceNow's Global Partner Summit, Goa

Service’s World Forums

Dallas, London and New York! AutomatePro had the pleasure of sponsoring three of ServiceNow’s renowned World Forums. The events were a great opportunity to connect with ServiceNow partners, experts and customers across the globe. The World Forums were invaluable and enlightening. A key takeaway was that although ServiceNow is embracing more technological advancements like GenAI, it’s paramount that users master the fundamentals first. Prioritize stabilizing their ServiceNow instance and ensuring it is effectively managed by automation tools.

AutomatePro attends ServiceNow's World Forums

Empowering the ServiceNow Community through Webinars

This year, we’ve doubled down on webinars to empower the community with insights on how they can accelerate their ServiceNow testing, simplify upgrades and achieve faster time-to-market. But we didn’t do it alone; we co-hosted five webinars alongside industry giants Thirdera, Own and FlyForm. Together, we are expanding our impact across the ServiceNow customer base.

What’s next for AutomatePro? Knowledge 2024

We are proud to be a Silver sponsor and honoured to have been exclusively invited to participate in the Partner Innovation Zone. With three speaking sessions lined up, we’re poised to make an impact and drive value. Our sessions will cover exciting topics from DevOps and Gen AI to how automation is transforming the Financial Services community and use cases on how to build a robust ServiceNow foundation for success.

AutomatePro attends Knowledge 2024

Groundbreaking achievements, strategic advancements, and a relentless commitment to our customers have marked my first year at AutomatePro. I am excited to see what year two has in store! Here’s to another year of pushing boundaries and driving change within the Test Automation and DevOps community.

AutomatePro State Plan Editor

Alongside our UI refresh, we updated the AutomatePro page on the ServiceNow App store and released revolutionary new features and enhancements. From our new Visual State Plan Editor, which drastically improves workflow efficiency, to our Test Run Comparisons, which instantly identifies changes between tests without generating lengthy reports. These advancements boosted user satisfaction and reinforced our dedication to innovation.

We continued our commitment to you, our customers

Our commitment to client satisfaction was cemented as a top priority throughout last year and became the driving force behind the company’s success. We achieved a remarkable NPS score of 83, which surpassed the industry average and attained the coveted spot of featuring in the top 3 on ServiceNow’s App Store. Both accomplishments are a testament to our ethos of delivering excellence and exceptional value.

Our customer-centric approach fostered strong and lasting relationships, resulting in phenomenal customer advocacy. One of our favourites is from a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical company that shared, “We had our most successful ServiceNow upgrade ever over the weekend… I think we can call this one Brilliant”.

2023 was a stellar year for AutomatePro, marked by groundbreaking achievements, strategic advancements, and a relentless commitment to our customers. But as we progress into this new year, high benchmarks, ambitious milestones and strategic objectives have been set. We are excited about what 2024 has in store!


Chris Dauw • 14/05/2024

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