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The documents you need, faster than Usain Bolt runs 100m.

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Automatepro • 08/12/2020

Producing up-to-date documentation for audits, compliance reviews and user guides can be tedious, time consuming and costly. Especially when your organisation is heavily regulated.

But there’s a better way…

Introducing AutoDoc, our patented solution to help you meet your regulatory needs. Fully integrated with ServiceNow, get the documentation you need, when you need it – all at the touch of a button.

Heres how you benefit:

– Pass your audits easily with version controlled, up-to-date and traceable documentation.

– Instant proof that the established quality controls are in place and being followed.

– Manage change control process and provide evidence of compliance.

– Create beautiful dashboards of KPIs and metrics spanning your entire development process.

– Save thousands of hours of costly manual work by automatically creating and maintaining ServiceNow user guides and process documentation.

– Enjoy immediate access to user guides and process documents in the ServiceNow Knowledge Base.

– Reduce the risk of user-errors instantly.

Create ServiceNow user guides faster than Usain Bolt.

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Automatepro • 08/12/2020

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