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Case Study

Keeping customers happy, with defect-free upgrades

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tdbdev • 27/07/2020

Global Telecomms Provider

AutomatePro works closely with a $6bn Telecommunications company to test the upgrade of their highly customised ServiceNow instance. Before AutomatePro, changes had been a major headache and were put off for as long as possible. Upgrades were labour intensive and the risk of defects escaping into Production was high, all of which impacted on user satisfaction and their trust in the ServiceNow system.

The Approach

As well as providing an automated testing solution, AutomatePro also helped to define an appropriate test strategy and approach, prioritising business scenarios so as to mitigate risk. Key scenarios were created inside AutomatePro with full Acceptance criteria. The business then approved these to ensure sufficient coverage and accuracy.

Tests were then automatically run against the current Helsinki version and results reviewed by the business and project stakeholders. Once satisfied that the scenarios and results were correct, the environment was upgraded to Istanbul and the tests re-run at the click of a button.

At this point several critical defects were identified and fixed, before a final go/no-go decision was able to be made based on the automated documentation produced from AutomatePro.

“AutomatePro found major issues that would not have come to light using manual testing, giving us time to fix them before the users became aware. This significantly increased customer satisfaction and the success of the project. Plus, we now have full user guides and design specifications.”
MJ of MJ

Why AutomatePro?

AutomatePro is so much more than just an automated testing tool. It is a collaborative development environment that automates and speeds up every stage of the software delivery life-cycle, from requirements and design specifications through to implementation. Reduce your costs and exposure to change risk. By increasing your control of multi-stream development it will improve quality. It even automatically produces release notes and a fully updated user guide.


What we did

  • ServiceNow upgrade from Helsinki to Istanbul
  • 350% ROI on first upgrade
  • 1000% increase in test coverage
  • 98% reduction in testing time
  • 30 defects identified which would have escaped manual testing
“The upgrade at the weekend went completely without a hitch thanks to AutomatePro.”
Head of PMO

The Results

Following the upgrade in production there were zero escaped defects. Due to poor experiences with previous upgrades, users were once again concerned that there would be problems. In fact, users reported being delighted with the upgrade, and their satisfaction levels increased significantly. Enhancing and upgrading ServiceNow has become easy and seamless.

Requirements for changes to the configuration are now tracked and managed through to delivery in AutomatePro. Thanks to the speed with which changes can be fully regression tested, releases of enhanced functions are now possible in days rather than the weeks that were previously required.

Interested to know more? Book a demo with one of our product specialists to see how AutomatePro can help you speed up ServiceNow platform upgrades.

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tdbdev • 27/07/2020

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Interested to know more? Book a demo with one of our product specialists to see how AutomatePro can help you speed up ServiceNow platform upgrades.

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