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Case Study

Six Degrees Group accelerating ServiceNow® upgrades using AutomatePro

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tdbdev • 27/07/2020

Six Degrees Group

Managed Service Provider Six Degrees Group (6DG) is used to automating processes in order to deliver excellent Cloud, Hosting, Network and Telco services to its customers. It’s why they chose AutomatePro to accelerate the development and upgrade of their complex and highly customized ServiceNow implementation. This is the key platform underpinning the delivery of services to their customers.


The Approach

6DG staff created an extensive set of regression test scenarios in AutomatePro. These covered both ‘happy path’ processes as well as many negative tests to fully exercise exception flows and required security restrictions.

Using the automatically generated Design and Acceptance Documents produced by AutomatePro, these scenarios were quickly signed off by process stakeholders.

They are now used as the baseline definition of the 6DG processes, and new requirements are added to them using the Test Driven Development capability in AutomatePro.

“AutomatePro allowed us to build an agile environment to maximise developer resource and reduce internal demand for User Acceptance Testing.”
Matt Littlewood - 6DG Enterprise Architect

Why AutomatePro?

AutomatePro is so much more than just an automated testing tool. It is a collaborative development environment that automates and speeds up every stage of the software delivery life-cycle, from requirements and design specifications through to implementation. Reduce your costs and exposure to change risk. By increasing your control of multi-stream development it will improve quality. It even automatically produces release notes and a fully updated user guide.

What we did

  • Regression Testing reduced from 70 person-hours to
    1 hour
  • 5 critical defects identified which would have escaped manual testing
  • Zero escaped defects
  • Improved quality due to Business Users being able to focus on process testing
“Business users saw manual testing as a ‘waste of time’, which resulted in poor quality testing and defects slipping through into production. AutomatePro did the mundane testing so that business users could focus on process and value-added user acceptance testing.”
James Bird - 6DG ServiceNow Product Owner

The Results

6DG have found that since using AutomatePro their ability to deliver new features into the ServiceNow platform has been transformed.

In the last release 28 individual update sets were applied to the test environment. Within an hour, AutomatePro had fully regression tested the entire system. Six Degrees had complete confidence that these updates could be applied to Production, knowing that there were no unintended adverse effects.

Six Degrees use the Test Driven Development capability in AutomatePro to define the requirements for complete new modules. This ‘shift-left’ testing approach has not only improved the quality of the requirements definition process, but also means that there is now no separate ‘test script writing’ process. This saves time, human resource and money.

Interested to know more? Book a demo with one of our product specialists to see how AutomatePro can help you speed up ServiceNow platform upgrades.

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tdbdev • 27/07/2020

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Interested to know more? Book a demo with one of our product specialists to see how AutomatePro can help you speed up ServiceNow platform upgrades.

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