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AutomatePro v7.3: Elevating Your User Experience

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Chris Dauw • 15/02/2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of AutomatePro v7.3, a significant step forward in our commitment to enhancing user experience and modernizing our application’s UI. This release brings a host of improvements and new features across the Visual State Plan Editor, AutoTest, and AutoMonitor modules. 

AutoTest: Streamlined Test Planning 


Revitalized Test Planning Interface 

In the AutoTest module, both the Visual Test Plan Editor and the Test Library Explorer have received a UX update. Enjoy a sleek, modern interface that not only looks good but also improves usability. Your testing processes just got a whole lot more enjoyable.

Test Plan Editor

Unified Test Blocks for Simplicity 

Simplify your testing processes with the merging of Model Blocks, Test Blocks, and Action Blocks into a single entity – ‘Test Blocks.’ Manage them effortlessly, increase reusability, and streamline your testing workflow. 

Enhanced Versioning and Flexibility 

Version your tests seamlessly with new publishing and checkout capabilities. The Custom Library Versioning feature lets you track changes to Custom Actions and Checks, offering greater control over your testing environment. 

Empower Your Testing with Data-Driven Approach 

Take advantage of Data Driven Testing by performing bulk testing with CSV data files. This feature empowers you to feed dynamic values into Test Runs, making your testing more efficient and powerful. 

AutoMonitor: Smoother Monitoring for Optimal Performance


Efficient Event Management 

The AutoMonitor module introduces features for smoother event management. Automatic Event Expiration ensures that long-running Monitor Events don’t impact future executions, offering a seamless monitoring experience.

Automatic event expiration

Ultimate Flexibility with Event Cancellation 

In rare situations, where an Event needs to be halted, you can now mark the latest unexecuted Monitor Event as “Aborted.” This cleanup feature provides flexibility in managing unexpected situations. 

Optimal Performance with Increased Scheduling Interval 

To optimize performance and execution time, we’ve increased the minimum scheduling interval to 15 minutes. This ensures Monitor Events are given ample time to execute without affecting system performance. 

Minimum scheduling interval increased

Check out AutomatePro v7.3 or reach out to your customer success rep with questions and for more details. We’re here to ensure you make the most of these exciting enhancements! 

Chris Dauw • 15/02/2024

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