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AutomatePro launches its latest version, AutomatePro 7.1

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Sandra Abone • 06/07/2023

AutomatePro, the leading platform for accelerating ServiceNow delivery, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest version, AutomatePro v7.1. This latest version is loaded with revolutionary new features and enhancements designed to provide ServiceNow users with an unparalleled experience. “The release of AutomatePro v7.1 represents a significant step forward in our commitment to continually improving the user experience,” said COO Wayne Devonald. 

"This update marks a significant milestone, as it brings a host of enhanced capabilities that will truly transform how businesses and development teams operate. With an emphasis on increased control and improved quality, organisations can now streamline their change delivery processes, achieving faster and more efficient outcomes."
Wayne Devonald, COO, AutomatePro
AutomatePro launches its latest version, AutomatePro 7.1

AutomatePro 7.1

Key Features & Enhancements:

  1. Engine Version Selection: Users now have the power to decide when to use a new engine release, enhancing their quality control process.
  2. Remote Library Distribution: Access new Actions and Checks faster without needing a Store App update.
  3. Automatic Data Purging: Prevent test results and screenshots from slowing your clone by enabling automated deletion of data.
  4. Group-Based Access Control: Restrict visibility of data to group members, enabling secure sharing of your instance with security-conscious teams.
  5. Form Builder Integration: Create templates to capture information specific to your requirements across all core entities.

AutomatePro v7.1 also introduces new platform features such as Data Retention Management, Role-Based Access Control, and Customer Events, among others.

AutomatePro launches its latest version, AutomatePro 7.1

AutomatePro v7.1 introduces new platform features

Chris Dauw, AutomatePro’s new Chief Product and Revenue Officer added, “This release significantly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of the ServiceNow platform, allowing businesses to maximise their investment in ServiceNow whilst driving tangible business value. We have listened to our customers and developed features that give them more control, enhance their reporting abilities, and streamline their processes.”

For existing customers looking to upgrade to AutomatePro v7.1, expert guidance is available from the AutomatePro team. If you would like to schedule a demo, visit www.automatepro.com/request-a-demo/

About AutomatePro

AutomatePro is a leading platform designed to accelerate ServiceNow delivery. With a suite of tools specifically designed to streamline processes and improve efficiency, AutomatePro, an Elite ServiceNow Partner, has become a trusted partner for businesses globally. Headquartered in London, UK, AutomatePro is committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to take control of their ServiceNow delivery.

Sandra Abone • 06/07/2023

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