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AutomatePro Joins Forces with Deloitte to Supercharge Financial Services Transformation

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Chris Dauw • 09/05/2024

Exciting times lie ahead as we proudly announce a strategic partnership with Deloitte, aimed at revolutionizing digital delivery in the financial services industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to empower organizations with the tools and expertise to deliver on the promise of continuous testing and deployment models as part of a modern DevOps strategy.

Empowering Financial Services Innovation 

At AutomatePro, we recognize and embody the pivotal role that automation plays in driving business transformation. Through our partnership with Deloitte, a ServiceNow Global Elite Partner, we are poised to unlock new possibilities for financial services organizations. Recently Deloitte unveiled their new Financial Service’s Offering (Deloitte FSO), focused on enabling financial services companies to streamline operations, optimize processes, and accelerate their journey to value realization. By combining our cutting-edge DevOps portfolio of automation solutions with Deloitte’s industry expertise, we are paving the way for unparalleled innovation and growth.

AutomatePro announces new strategic partnership with Deloitte

Streamlining Operations with ServiceNow Automation 

As a leading provider of Test Automation and DevOps solutions for ServiceNow, AutomatePro offers a suite of tools designed to accelerate digital transformation and adoption of the ServiceNow Platform while reducing the need for maintenance and significant time investment around upgrades and deployments. By combining AutomatePro’s Automation and Deloitte’s Digital Delivery, we can drastically reduce the total cost of ownership of the platform, ensure quality and performance and provide the framework for compliance in heavily regulated industries. Together, we enable financial services companies to focus on what matters most—delivering exceptional value to their customers. 

AutomatePro announces new strategic partnership with Deloitte

A Shared Vision for Success 

Our partnership with Deloitte is built on a shared commitment of delivering results that matter. Together, we’re dedicated to helping financial services organizations navigate the complexities of today’s landscape, seize new opportunities, and achieve their strategic objectives with confidence. 

Join Us on the Journey 

As we embark on this exciting journey with Deloitte, we invite financial services organizations to join us in shaping the future of their operations. Together, we can harness the power of automation to drive meaningful change, accelerate growth, and unlock the full potential of digital transformation. 

Get in Touch 

Ready to take your financial services operations to the next level? Contact our team today to learn more about how AutomatePro and Deloitte can help fuel your transformation journey. 

Chris Dauw • 09/05/2024

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