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Upgrades as a Service

Do your upgrades take a frustratingly long time – weeks or even several months?

Do your upgrades consume huge amounts of resource to test the upgrade?

Do you stay awake at night worried that the upgrade may fail because the business users don’t commit the time to testing?

Are you frustrated that you can’t implement new modules or features because you have to code freeze during the upgrade?

ServiceNow customers tell us that they struggle to keep on N or N-1 and they dread the thought of having to upgrade. They feel like upgrades are an uphill battle.

Wouldn’t it be great if your upgrade was completed in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Let us take away the pain of upgrades and let you get back to what you want to be doing – adding great new features for your business users.

Quick and Painless Upgrades Every Time

A large tech company came to us with exactly this problem.

They told us that they simply didn’t have the resource to carry out the upgrade and they wanted it completed as quickly as possible, so that they could implement the HR module.
They just wanted the upgrade problem to go away!

They wanted experts who knew what they were doing to handle everything for them. They wanted people who understood where the risks in upgrades lay. They wanted a team that understood ServiceNow upgrade best practice; they wanted someone they could trust.

AutomatePro walked the company through its simple yet powerful 6 step Upgrade Testing as a Service (UTaaS).

The 6 step framework is tried and tested, having been successfully used with hundreds of ServiceNow customers, large and small, with and without complex customisations and integrations.

From start to end the upgrade took just under 2 weeks and the implementation of the HR module quickly followed the upgrade.

Upgrade in <24 Hours

AutomatePro’s UTaaS service follows a tried and tested all-in managed service, taking the stress and pain out of upgrades.

Our experts guide you through the upgrade process from beginning to end, keeping you updated and engaged throughout.

Underpinned by the world’s leading test automation platform with built in AI powered automated test creation, speeds you to success with your upgrade.

A recent Forrester report states that staying current with ServiceNow upgrades reduces time spent on future upgrades by 81%.

Speed up upgrades, reduce resource and avoid upgrade failure with AutomatePro.

Start the journey today and transform the way you upgrade ServiceNow.

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