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Faster ServiceNow Upgrades

Do your upgrades take a frustratingly long time – weeks or even several months?

Do your upgrades consume huge amounts of resource to test the upgrade?

Do you stay awake at night worried that the upgrade may fail because the business users don’t commit the time to UAT?

Are you frustrated that you can’t implement new modules or features because you have to code freeze during the upgrade?

Imagine what you could achieve if your upgrades could be done in less than 24 hours?

You could spend the time implementing great new business functionality, or taking advantage of new modules available in the latest ServiceNow release. We hear these frustrations from ServiceNow customers on a daily basis.

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Quick and Painless Upgrades

We worked with a large tech company who were suffering this pain. Manual testing took over three weeks to carry out by an army of 15 testers – a total of 225 man days of testing effort and cost.

Plus, issues in production were common place following upgrades and users became unhappy.

With user dissatisfaction levels rising to the point where there were calls for ServiceNow to be replaced, something had to change.

They introduced AutomatePro’s simple 6 step upgrade process, underpinned by automated testing and automated documentation. The results were transformational.

Upgrade duration dropped to less than 5 days and resources were reduced by 86%. In addition, post-upgrade issues dropped to zero and gradually over time, user satisfaction started to increase. Due to the increased confidence in ServiceNow, the use of the platform has rapidly expanded with the roll-out of several new modules including HR.

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Simple 6 Step Upgrade Framework

AutomatePro’s tried and tested Progress Upgrade Framework takes the stress out of upgrades.

The framework is simple, yet powerful and even better is free to download.

Six easy to follow steps:

  • Plan
  • Create Test Baseline
  • Establish Baseline Results
  • Clone, Upgrade and Test Upgrade
  • Compare Test Results
  • Fix, Re-test and Upgrade

It sounds crazy simple and it is when you have the right framework and the automation tools to execute it.

A recent Forrester report states that staying current with ServiceNow upgrades reduces time spent on future upgrades by 81%.

Speed up upgrades, reduce resource and avoid upgrade failure by downloading our 6 step guide today. Start the journey to transforming the way you upgrade ServiceNow.

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Make the most of ServiceNow with AutomatePro’s world class Test Automation and DevOps tools. Enjoy the power of ServiceNow now, not later.