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Test creation taking too long?

Do your automated tests take too long to create?

Are your scarce and high cost developer resources spending all their time creating and maintaining tests, instead of configuring great new features or implementing new modules?

Wishing that you could create automated tests with lower cost resource and faster?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create comprehensive automated tests with lower cost junior testers and at the click of a button.

We worked with a company whose precious and high cost certified ServiceNow resources were spending all their time creating automated tests in the ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (ATF). They told us that the creation of the tests became bigger than the project itself!

AI automated testing

Quickstart AI

They were completely exasperated that every time they made a change to the workflow, they would spend hours going through every automated test to amend it so that it still worked.

“We had over 400 ATF tests and every time we made any configuration change, we had to amend 300 of them. A huge task.”

With project costs spiralling, something had to change.

Using Quickstart AI, they were able to use junior testers to create a comprehensive suite of automated tests at the click of a button. Quickstart AI automatically analysed the configuration of ServiceNow and instantly created all the necessary test steps and validations. Within a week they had a comprehensive suite of automated tests, covering every aspect of the ServiceNow workflow from end-to-end.

Freed up from creating tests, the ServiceNow developers were able to re-focus on value added tasks like rolling out new ServiceNow business capabilities and apps.

Costs dropped, throughput rocketed and quality improved. Business owners were delighted with the speed at which new developments could be made in ServiceNow.

Too good to be true?

We know this sounds too good to be true.

So why don’t you try it for yourself against your ServiceNow instance.

Remove the upgrade backlog with the help of AI test automation.

Quickstart AI only takes 10 seconds to create a full comprehensive test, but probably best to schedule a 30 minute demo so you can see what else AutomatePro could do for you.

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