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Why zBooting ServiceNow for faster upgrades is a mistake

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PaulC • 25/11/2021

ServiceNow has evolved rapidly over the years. In an interview with ServiceNow’s CEO Bill McDermot he clearly and simply articulates why ServiceNow is doing so well and why it will continue to grow in a $6.7 trillion market.


The ever-growing ecosystem of ServiceNow customers can expect to be prepared for making upgrades to the platform with new releases that offer improved or new functionality, twice a year. The upgrades are usually named after cities, with the latest being Rome.


Often customers with customised and complex instances can find upgrading and testing new release features challenging and all too often problematic. Many customers have resorted to zBooting their instance to ‘start again’ and have opted for an out of the box solution instead. This approach has proven to be disruptive by increasing risks to the organisations as well as costly. To zBoot the instance also means you’ll lose all the custom benefits that have been built for a purpose.


It’s a misconception that quicker upgrades can only be made possible for customers with simple ServiceNow set-ups, minimal to no customisation and little integration to other systems. This may be true for customers using free testing tools that only offer very basic benefits.


There are of course other options that can be explored which offer faster and efficient upgrades through automation for any level of ServiceNow instances from basic but especially to the most complex and highly customised.


Problem-free ServiceNow Upgrades


AutomatePro are award-winning experts in automated testing for ServiceNow upgrades, having helped customers upgrade from within as little as under 24hours. Many of our customers are the largest ServiceNow customers and partners from across the world with hugely complex instances, several integrations with API’s, web services and dozens of heavily customised modules.


With our patented automated testing solution for ServiceNow built on the Gartner recognised world leading Selenium engine, you can test custom code configuration and complex customisations such as client scripts and business rules just as effortlessly as out of the box. Tests are run at the click of a button with results shown immediately on a dashboard, meanwhile defects are automatically raised, and notifications emailed or texted to nominated users.


To find out more about how AutomatePro can help with your ServiceNow upgrades please get in touch by calling us on +44 (0) 20 3473 2986 or send us a message here.

PaulC • 25/11/2021

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