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What is a test strategy for ServiceNow?

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PaulC • 10/11/2021

ServiceNow transforms the way organisations work through a powerful service management platform used to improve workflow across the entire enterprise and to increase productivity. ServiceNow upgrades its software twice a year, delivering new features and improvements to its users, however these upgrades can be costly and time-consuming.


With limited resources many companies struggle to find the right skills and experience within the business to create a test strategy and plan that can be implemented successfully.


What is a test strategy?


A testing strategy outlines the objectives your tests need to achieve, the risk assessment that evaluates risk levels, what risks need to be mitigated and steps that need to be in place to reach a pain-free upgrade. You will also need to consider which processes take priority and how to test them.


ServiceNow tests the various default functionalities themselves but companies with custom process need help from expert software testing companies like AutomatePro that specialise in ServiceNow testing.


A test plan is the next step in the testing process. Once you have identified the objectives to achieve, you’ll want to analyse and identify the steps towards successful testing and how you’re going to go about doing the testing itself. This means that you prioritize all your requirements, and then have a series of steps that you will follow for each test.


A test plan is detailed and lists all the steps involved in the process, whereas a test strategy is mainly to inform all stakeholders of the risk tolerance and the objectives that the test plan wishes to accomplish.


Benefits of a test strategy


For companies that are heavily regulated such as financial services, auditors will require proof of testing and you’ll need to show that your business in compliant and following due diligence, this is usually shown through a test strategy and plan.


With a test strategy or plan a business can benefit from the following:


  1. Focus available resources on testing the priority processes first
  2. Save time by eliminating any testing errors early on
  3. Show auditors a compliant process that assesses the risks

In this video learn how to use a matrix that can help identify which process to prioritise to ensure you use your resources efficiently to save time and money.

PaulC • 10/11/2021

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