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September brought us our Digital Marketing millennial.

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AutomatePro • 22/01/2021

AutomatePro welcomed Digital Marketing newbie Georgina Murray shortly after the launch of our new brand identity.

Georgie’s role is to create and deliver creative social media content for AutomatePro followers. She is the ‘front of house’ for our digital platforms; focusing on bringing AutomatePro’s wide spread of solutions, culture and news to your screens.

Being completely new to the role in September, we asked Georgie, why AutomatePro?

“AutomatePro is not like any other Software company. It holds a group of people who give the platform the applause it deserves, whilst hosting a firmly rooted culture and connection. I was attracted to the visual feel of the company, and once I learnt the impact the tools could have on a business, I was in.

I’d learnt how to digitally market a brand through my side hustle (my art page) so the foundations were set, and the belief in the company vision was strong… what’s not to love.”

Thomas Nikolopulos, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer says: “Georgie has brought a real focus to our Digital Media campaigns and Social Media posts with well thought out plans that are relevant and consistent with our overall marketing strategy. Georgie has taken to the role like a duck to water – lockdown what lockdown? Welcome Georgie!”

Outside of work you’ll find Georgie at her studio in Bristol, painting away on her ‘side hustle’ or being a big kid in the park with a frisbee… here are some of her quickfire responses:

‘Go to’ holiday destination?

Favourite cuisine?
Italian. (Anything you can eat with wine really)

Sports team?
Stoke City FC

Favourite film?
Rocky Horror Picture show

Speaking of which.. keep up to date with everything AutomatePro via our Social channels below or contact us at hello@automatepro.com.

AutomatePro • 22/01/2021

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