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Remove the pain of User Acceptance Testing

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PaulC • 02/03/2022

ServiceNow customers and partners tell us every day how they struggle to get the business owners to commit the time to carry out User Acceptance Testing (UAT).


UAT is a vital step in any software delivery project, as it is the final quality gate where business process owners sign-off that the upgrade will not impact their ability to run their business on the platform following the upgrade.


But UAT is a time consuming, manual and labour intensive piece of work. And of course, the business process owners are busy running the business and simply can’t commit the time to sitting down and running numerous manual test scenarios, recording the results and defects etc.


What we hear from ServiceNow customers is that because of this;


“UAT is rushed, minimised or worse still, not done at all.”


Imagine if UAT could be automatic, painless and fast.


Imagine if UAT was as simple as the business process owners, simply looking through screenshots of each step of their process working. Imagine how much time this would save and how delighted your business process owners would be. Imagine how delighted your CIO would be that upgrades weren’t causing everything to stop for three months.


The pain of ServiceNow upgrades causes ServiceNow customers sleepless nights across the globe.


A report written by Forrester in September 2020, calculated that for a typical organisation the benefit of staying current was $6.9M (PV) over 3 years and that staying on the current version of ServiceNow reduced upgrade effort by 81%.


“Pausing all other work on ServiceNow whilst the upgrade is being performed is killing us. We can’t implement HR, we can’t roll-out ITOM. We need to be able to upgrade faster.”


One CIO that felt that pain of ServiceNow upgrades spoke about how their organisation freed the upgrade blockage and transformed the way they worked to get to invisible upgrades i.e. they just happen.


In this case study learn how Arm’s CIO tackled the ServiceNow upgrade problem.


ServiceNow upgrades don’t have to be painful. UAT doesn’t have to be dreaded by business process owners. Transformation to invisible ServiceNow upgrades that just happen without any fuss are possible.


Start your journey towards pain free upgrades today.


To find out more about how AutomatePro can help with your ServiceNow upgrades please get in touch by calling us on +44 (0) 20 3473 2986 or send us a message here.


PaulC • 02/03/2022

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