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Paris upgrade completed within 28 hours of release

4 min read

AutomatePro • 30/07/2020

Within just 28 hours of the Paris Early Availability announcement from ServiceNow, our Production instance of ServiceNow was upgraded to Paris.

How did we do it so quickly? Three easy steps:

1. Set off our automated regression test pack against a Paris test instance.
2. Ran the AutomatePro upgrade readiness comparison report, which highlights what is broken in Paris.
3. Fixed any issues and re-ran the tests. All green. Upgrade!

Upgrades become a non-event with AutomatePro.

"Another easy upgrade completed enabling us to leverage the great new functionality available in the Paris release such as the NLP capability."
Wayne Devonald, COO & Co-founder AutomatePro

Our customers, some of which are the largest ServiceNow users in the world, benefit from the ability to upgrade quickly, simply and risk free with AutomatePro, even with complex ServiceNow customisations and integrations.

AutomatePro • 30/07/2020

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