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Our reflections on the ServiceNow ‘ Now at Work 2020’ online events.

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Automatepro • 08/10/2020

This year’s ServiceNow Now at Work event was slightly different. The 2020 event was hosted digitally across multiple regions and as partners and general ServiceNow enthusiasts, this allowed AutomatePro to proudly sponsor, and ‘attend’ both the Americas and the UK & Ireland version of the events that took place on the 6th of October.

Whilst enjoying their new ‘home office’ in glorious Greece, we caught up with founders Paul & Wayne and asked for their key take-out from the day.

‘Agile organisations are able to adapt and accelerate digital transformations. This unlocks productivity not only with workflows but also AutomatePro. It’s a smarter way to workflow, thus, a smarter way to automate. You can’t have resilience and business continuity without Automation’. – Paul Chorley (CEO and Co-founder)

‘Responsiveness and continuity are key to an agile and resilient business. Being fluid and adaptable, but also operating in parallel will accelerate a smarter way to workflow’. – Wayne Devonald (COO and Co-founder)

It’s safe to say that nothing can define agility more than what we have gone through in 2020. But we are here to make it easier for you.

Put us to the test today.

Automatepro • 08/10/2020

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