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Our 28 day ServiceNow upgrade challenge.

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Automatepro • 23/09/2020

28 days later…
Not another horror story, it’s our upgrade promise to you.

Every six months, ServiceNow upgrades their platform. But implementing that
upgrade can quickly turn into a lengthy – and costly – nightmare. Taking the average
business, anything from three to six months to implement successfully.
But it doesn’t need to be that way. At AutomatePro, we promise to reduce your
upgrade cycle from 28 weeks to 28 days. And after that, we’ll show you how to carry
out a 28 hour upgrade next time.


Here’s how you can benefit:

– Save time, reduce risk, cut costs and increase productivity.

– Achieve more with ServiceNow’s latest features and modules.

– Stay compliant with N-1 and progress to ‘always N’.

– Test complex integrations and customisations. No need to zBoot to make upgrades easy.

– Invisible upgrades mean your work continues as normal whilst upgrades just happen.

– All documentation gets updated automatically – saving you the hassle.


Put us to the test and let us upgrade your platform in 28 days.  We would love to hear from you so fill in the form below for an initial consultation and a tailored demo of our upgrade approach.

How to upgrade ServiceNow to Paris in 28 hours.

Put AutomatePro to the test. Sign up now. You can also read our guide on How to Upgrade ServiceNow.

Automatepro • 23/09/2020

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