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Latest Release Supports Testing Virtual Agent

4 min read

tdbdev • 02/11/2019

This week AutomatePro released the latest version of their platform which amongst other things, now supports automated testing of the Virtual Agent functionality in ServiceNow.


This allows automated tests to be built which tests an interaction between a user and the virtual agent ensuring that the correct responses are provided to the user.

It can even store the ticket reference provided to the user in the chat window and then log into the back-end/fullfiller interface and find that actual ticket to progress it just like in real life scenario.  This enables true end-to-end testing.

The release also supports the testing of the Orlando version, so organisations can be assured everything works as today when Orlando becomes available for general release.


"With more and more organisations using Virtual Agents to provide great customer experiences in the ServiceNow platform, it is vital that this capability is fully tested after changes and upgrades.  The ability to do this automatically is a massive time saver reducing the risk of poor customer experience."
Paul Chorley, CEO and Co-founder AutomatePro

tdbdev • 02/11/2019

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