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Latest release enables hundreds of automated tests to be updated with a single click!

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AutomatePro • 27/08/2020

Ask what the single biggest issue is with automated testing, and the majority of people will say 'the cost and time needed to maintain the tests'.

AutomatePro today released the latest update to their AutoTest module, which completely removes this problem, transforming the speed at which automated tests can be built and maintained.

The feature, which AutomatePro call ‘model blocks’, enables users of the software, to create re-usable ‘blocks’ of automated tests.  These can be easily assembled and re-assembled in an infinite number of ways to test different workflows through ServiceNow and other SaaS platforms.

"One of the biggest problems with automated testing, is what is called test automation 'rot'. Automated tests need to be maintained to align with the system under test, otherwise they decay and essentially become useless - wasting all the time and effort spent on building them. With model blocks, when the system under test changes, you only need to amend one model block and the change is rippled immediately through hundreds or even thousands of test scenarios. This saves hours or even days of work maintaining tests and stops the rot!"
Wayne Devonald, Chief Product Owner, AutomatePro

AutomatePro liken their new model block functionality to the popular children’s toy Lego.  With Lego, you get a set of blocks of different shapes and sizes, which can be quickly assembled and re-assembled into many different completed models.  Using AutomatePro’s Quickstart AI feature, new ‘Lego blocks’ can be created automatically saving even more time building up a comprehensive regression test pack.  Creating test scenarios then simply becomes a matter of dragging in the relevant model blocks to form complete end-to-end test scenarios.

This makes creating test scenarios, so easy and quick that anyone can do it.  Absolutely no need for Selenium or developer skills.

AutomatePro • 27/08/2020

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