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How to heal the ServiceNow Upgrade pain, one analogy at a time.

4 min read

AutomatePro • 09/03/2021

“ I wish I could upgrade ServiceNow quicker” is a sentence we’ve heard countless times from ServiceNow customers across the globe, large and small.

Upgrading processes… if you let them, will successfully chomp through resources, cause business tension by taking valuable time away from your team and then provide you with a whopping bill at the end of the lengthy process.

But what if we showed you how to upgrade through a simple 6 step guide?

In our first ever Podcast, we’re speaking to Wayne Devonald COO of AutomatePro. He’ll be sharing his key insights, drawing on his 30 years of experience testing and upgrading complex IT platforms.

He offers an expert’s eye into the risks of code freezing, ‘automation test rot’ and the human nature behind manual testing.

Alongside this, he also reassures us on how to master stakeholder expectations, create automated documents to ripple through tests, with a frank reality check on the value of automation. Thus, how to eliminate pain and frustration when upgrading ServiceNow.

“How to put money in the bank. Understand what you need to save and what you need to spend. Be aware that it’s like a 1500 metre race “
Wayne Devonald

But it’s not all building houses and brushing teeth. In this podcast Wayne touches on our 6-step upgrade guide offering a framework to remove the upgrade backlog and de-risk the entire process

Chat to us today at hello@automatepro.com and please like, comment and share if you liked our Podcast.

AutomatePro • 09/03/2021

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