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Improved security and advanced testing features for ServiceNow

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PaulC • 02/12/2021

The latest version of AutomatePro v.6 has now been released, learn more about what to expect below. If you do not already use an automated testing solution for faster and easier ServiceNow upgrades and to get more from the platform, you can request a demo here. Ask us more about how we have helped companies like Arm Holdings reduce upgrades from 3 weeks to 1 week and cut resources by 86%,  saving $100k per year just on upgrade testing.


Key features:


  • Reduce risks by grouping smaller test runs together in Test Packs (ideal for regression testing)
  • Protect your sensitive data, passwords and MFA keys in the Crypto Vault using AES encryption keys
  • Execute tests up to 4 times faster with more tests per hour and benefit from saving time on delivering projects
  • Identify, triage, and resolve new defects with Defect Fingerprinting
  • Save time and increase delivery by building more manageable test plans with action blocks
  • This release supports ServiceNow’s Rome release and others



Advanced security features for more secure testing



You can now benefit from increased security with the digital Detect Fingerprinting feature that can help you easily differentiate between new defects that are encountered for the first time and known defects that are identified through failed regression runs but have not yet been solved.


This feature will allow you to identify, triage, and resolve new defects more rapidly and provide a more efficient resolution to known defects with a defect management process. Save time by using auto-generated defects which are linked to previous reports of the same failure.


The crypto vault protection uses AES encryption keys that are not accessible to any other users, only to yourself. It will decrypt data through limited built-in methods available to the automation engine during test executions.


Deeper dive into the latest release updates:



The latest updates to the AutomatePro platform aim to improve useability, save time, and accelerate delivery through improved dashboard features that give you control on viewing statistics and manage reporting. You can view key information such as recently viewed tasks, stories, and test results. Users can get easy access to key product features as well as product support and documentation. The Test Run Viewer supports keyboard shortcuts for easier interactions.


Less commonly used fields have been removed from the main view to improve user experience with lists and forms made easier to view and interpret. The latest release also includes new navigation buttons that have been added to various forms allowing users to easily access the parent record or the originating test plan/steps for execution results.


You can see more information about the latest release in this document here. Alternatively to find out more about how AutomatePro can help with you get more from ServiceNow please get in touch by calling us on +44 (0) 20 3473 2986 or send us a message here.

PaulC • 02/12/2021

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