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Five ways to be the most interesting DevOps tool in the room

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LeroyH • 08/02/2023

It’s award season, and the AutomatePro team is ready to start celebrating! After months of hard work and dedication to DevOps excellence, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for Computing’s Best DevOps Tool of the Year.

With a passion for innovation and continuous improvement, our team has been working hard to make sure our solutions, like our client’s ServiceNow instances, are always up-to-date. So how do we plan to be the most interesting DevOps tool in the room?

AutomatePro closes a £5m Series A to scale their DevOps platform

Enter the room with a smile … and funding.

We were thrilled to announce last month that we raised £5m in funding, led by YFM Equity Partners. This investment represented an important milestone for our rapidly growing company and is a signal to the Test Automation market that AutomatePro has built a world class DevOps solution worth investing in.

Roshan Puri, Investment Director at YFM Equity Partners stated “The AutomatePro team has built a world class SaaS product that is delivering significant value to some of the largest and most complex organisations. Intelligent automated testing is a key feature of DevOps best practice and has become a necessity for organisations looking to maximise value from their IT infrastructure and IT talent.”

Have a good story to tell

What do you get when you combine a ServiceNow customer struggling with manual testing with the world’s most Intelligent Test Automation App for ServiceNow? You get our new customer announcement!

We recently released a case study highlighting global insurer Co-operators testing journey which started in a manual test pattern, where upgrades were taking multiple weeks and sapping key resources. In their search for a solution, Co-operators adopted AutomatePro to reduce upgrade times by over 95%. And the end-result was an 83% reduction in associated effort hours. You can read this great story here.

Make friends… and strategic partners

In the wonderful world of DevOps, building strategic partnerships is a win-win for both companies and customers alike. With the right combination of products, services, and expertise, customers can find the right tools they need to make their lives easier. That is why we are extremely proud to be part of the ServiceNow Partner Program.

In Spring 2023, we will be launching our own AMP Partner Program which will expand our partnerships with world renowned Consultancies, System Integrators and Managed Service providers thus delivering significant value to more organizations across the globe.

Stop talking and listen

We all like to speak about ourselves but it is very important to know when to stop talking and listen. Actively listening to our customers has been invaluable for our business. By paying attention to customer feedback, we have been able to identify key areas of improvement. Our Co-Founder and CEO Paul Chorley said it best: “Receiving and more importantly acting on feedback from our Customers is essential to achieving our mission to be the world’s best DevOps solution for ServiceNow.”

Our recently published Customer Success Survey Report highlights our one of primary objectives of listening to enhance user experience and provide world class helpdesk support.

Add Value

Adding value is an extremely difficult thing to do. Whether it be a specific goal or, in the case of DevOps, a movement, adding value is all about trust. We understand the more we help our customers on their DevOps journey, the greater the trust we build.

DevOps is a rapidly evolving movement with an ever-changing landscape of tools, processes and best practices. As such, we strive to stay ahead of the curve in order to bring value to our customers. By working closely with our strategic partners, monitoring emerging trends and applying best practice, we are adding value to our customers ensuring they are leveraging DevOps to its fullest potential.

LeroyH • 08/02/2023

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