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AutomatePro at Eurostar Testing Conference

4 min read

AutomatePro • 13/11/2019

They key message AutomatePro promoted at the Eurostar Conference was “Keep it simple!”

Seamus Scullion, Senior Quality Assurance Consultant for AutomatePro, is spending the week at the EuroStar Software Testing conference in the Hague.  Held over 4 days and with over 60 sessions, Seamus will ensure that AutomatePro stays at the forefront of everything new in the world of software testing.

"As a profession, software testing has a bad habit of over-complicating and over-engineering solutions to attempt to show greater worth, when in fact it should be focused on giving as clear a picture of the state of the product/project as possible."
Seamus Scullion, Senior QA Consultant, AutomatePro

AutomatePro is dedicated to making the life of everyone involved in ServiceNow (and other cloud platforms such as Salesforce.com, Workday, Oracle etc) less effort, less costly and with less risk.

"When testers focus on keeping their output as straightforward and clearly decipherable as possible it can breed a culture of quality beyond the testing ecosystem."
Seamus Scullion, Senior QA Consultant, AutomatePro

AutomatePro • 13/11/2019

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